Account Opening: Institutional customer

In order to open an institutional account, please have the image data (scanned data
or the photo data) of following documents and send those to the address below.

Required Documents Details
1.Application form for institutional customer Download
2.Certified copy of company registry
3.Memorandum and articles of association
4.Bank Statement It should be issued within 3 months period from the
application date. Also it needs to state address of the
company and transaction history.
5.Register of All Dierctors If it is stated on the M&A, it is not needed to be sent.
6.Letter of approval by directors for transaction with Mercury Forex
7.Personal identifications of all directors Valid (more than three months left for its expiration)
documents issued by the government, that clearly
present the name, sex, picture, and the date of birth
are considered as personal identification documents
(e.g.; passport, and driver's license)
8.Personal address certificates of all directors Valid (with more than three months from its expiration
or within one month from its issuance date)
documents that are issued by the government and
financial institutions, clearly presenting the name, and
the current address. (One of the following examples.)

• Public utility bills (electricity, gas, phone/mobile
phone, and water) (within one month from their issue

• Bank statement (within one month from its issue

• Copy of certificate of residency (within one month
from the issue date)

• Tax withholding certificate

• Certificate of tax payment

9.List of shareholders
10.Personal identifications of members who hold more than 25% of the share. Please refer to section 7
11.Personal address certificates of members who hold more than 25% of the share. Please refer to section 8